Newborn essentials

I was desperate for a post like this when I was expecting! I had no idea what I actually needed and what was a waste! The sheer amount of things on sale for a baby is insane and it is so easy to get caught up in the hype and marketing, and buying things you just don’t need! We’ve all been guilty of it! 

Below is a list of my newborn essentials that have worked for Leo and me, every baby is different so what works for us won’t necessarily work for you but trial and error can be an expensive learning curve when it comes to babies!!

Tommee Tippee nappy bin

Nappy bin – in our nursery it has been amazing, nappy changes in the middle of the night and being able to throw the nappy in there rather than trek downstairs to dispose of it.

Water wipes

Water wipes – mentioned before but once the cotton wool and water stage gets too much these wipes (suitable from birth) are the perfect replacement and so gentle on little babies skin.

The upstairs changing station!

2 x changing mats – well technically 3 actually! One for the changing bag but 2 in our house has been essential, we have one upstairs in the nursery that we use for nighttime changes and one downstairs that we use for daytime. Trust me, when you’re desperate to change a nappy (and by desperate I mean the poo is leaking out at an alarming rate!) and realising the changing mat is upstairs and you’re downstairs… no. Just no.

The prep machine aka the lifesaver!

Prep machine – one of the latest ‘trends’ in bottle preparation and something we couldn’t have done without! Once I stopped expressing we have used this religiously ever since and had zero issues. 

Tommee Tippee powder holders

Tommee tippee powder holders – I can’t begin to sing the praises of these enough! We fill the bottle from the prep machine with just water and then pop in one of the powder pots and can happily go out for the entire day knowing his food isn’t going off or having the faff of trying to find a freshly boiled kettle!

Fragranced nappy bags… yes

Nappy bags – cheap and cheerful are perfect. We use the nappy bin upstairs and nappy bags downstairs and when we’re out and about – probably an obvious one but very essential! I prefer the scented ones, not that they give off much scent, they just seem more pleasant!!

Sainsbury’s blanket… x2

2 x favourite blankets – one for now and one in the wash!! Ours are from Sainsbury’s so super affordable, I think everyone has these, but they come in blue, pink or cream and are so soft and snuggly, not to thick and not too thin!

The bouncer chair

Bouncer chair – specifically one that vibrates! It took little man a while to get used to it as he was so small when he was born I think it was too big for him but now at 2 months old he loves it and will happily sit in it and watch me do my makeup in the mornings. He occasionally falls asleep in it as well, bonus! 
The there’s the obvious items like car seat, pram, muslins, nappies… etc etc but those are the things I couldn’t live without now! Anything you think I’ve missed?




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