The Kitchen and Poole Park

The Kitchen in Poole Park will always be quite a special place for me, it’s the place my husband and I went after our first baby scan and discussed our future and got excited about the next few months. It’s also the place I would often end up on my lunch breaks when pregnant as my office was just the other side of the park and I liked to get out for a bit of fresh air every day! Helped with the nausea!! 

Poole Park cricket pitch

I met a friend there for a coffee and a walk around the park yesterday and it was lovely! Poole park is such a hidden gem (or not so hidden judging by the number of people there!) and I absolutely love it. Every time I walk round the lake or cricket pitch I feel so relaxed and realise just how lucky I am to live round here! 

Coffee and juice at The Kitchen

Even though The Kitchen was really busy, being the Easter holidays, service was quick and the staff were so friendly! I had to wait for a table inside but sat outside while Leo slept! I ordered a black coffee with a shot of caramel syrup (my favourite) and an apple and pear juice which was cold and delicious! It came to just under £5 so not the most expensive but not cheap either! The view over the lake is beautiful though and on a summer day, sitting outside it is amazing! I’ve eaten ther a couple of times and the food has always been delicious, especially the pizza! The cakes are also pretty good… not that I’d know these days!!

Sleepy Leo with the geese!

The geese always make for a fun walk round the lake but mind the poop… I got it on the pram wheels and it’s made a bit of a mess in my new cars boot… sorry husband!! There are also swans and ducks so be prepared for people to be feeding them… not my idea of fun having a pack of them around me but each to their own!

With free parking, beautiful scenery and a quiet walking route, Poole Park and The Kitchen are the place to be with a little one!! Definitely one of my favourite places to explore… if you look back on my instagram it’ll be obvious!!




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