Belly Bandit – My thoughts

This is going to be a short post, mainly because I didn’t wear the Belly Bandit for very long!! If you haven’t heard of it, the Belly Bandit is for use post partum to help your stomach shrink back to its original size but also to provide added support to your back and core, helping you to strengthen back up! Sounds pretty good yeah?

The Belly Bandit

I saw a YouTube video about it and decided to give it a go. But… they are so expensive! I wasn’t prepared to pay full price for something that was potentially a fad so I scoured eBay for weeks and finally brought the black bamboo one for cheap! They’re designed to be worn for about 8 weeks post partum but can be worn longer as a corset / girdle type thing.

The positives:

I genuinely felt like it made a difference! Yes, really! I wore it on and off for a few weeks and it felt so nice to be sucked in and supported. When I took it off or didn’t wear it for a day I felt really wobbly again! It definitely didn’t make my stomach back to how it was before but I felt a lot more confident once I’d been wearing it. 

Wearing the Belly Bandit under clothes

The negatives:

I personally found it quite uncomfortable to wear. It bunched up and could look quite bulky under my clothes. You were meant to wear it at night and there was no way I could have done, so I didn’t!! I also found it quite hard to put on myself tight enough, for it to really work it needs to be on tight and I found it hard to do by myself!

The Belly Bandit on


I’m very glad I brought it and used it but I would definitely recommend finding it on eBay and not spending the full money on it. It does seem to help (whether that’s in my head or not!) and I would use it again!




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