Three Friday Favourites #2

Three of my favourite things from the week!

1. Bourjoius eyeshadow in 05 Brun Irreel

I ran out of my trusty Rimmel eyeshadow trio and grabbed the first neutral brown I could find, and rediscovered this beauty!

2. Stylist magazine facebook page

@Stylistmagazine on Facebook

If you’re not following Stylist magazine on facebook then you are seriously missing out! If you’re not based on a big city then the magazine isn’t freely available but the facebook page is! It’s a great mix of fashion, lifestyle, humour and everything in between in a handy post! I click on the related articles pretty much every time and I’m always inspired by what I read. It’s a great resource for the modern woman!!

3. Water Wipes

My favourite baby wipes!

A mummy favourite but I just love them! I’ve been using them with Leo since week 4 and I’ve never had to put any nappy rash cream on him at all! They’re amazing and I like to explore the more natural side of things anyway so these are perfect! Not the cheapest wipes around but worth it in my opinion! 




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