Newborn photo shoot – my experience 

Facebook and Pinterest are full of cute newborn baby photo shoots and as a new mum I wanted to get in on the trend and give Leo his modelling debut! I looked at various options and photographers and the cost of the shoots shocked me!! They’re crazy expensive! We ended up using a lady who had worked with a friend on a photo shoot and she brought it for us as a present which was so lovely! 

The shoot set-up

I’ll be completely honest now though, it was a horrific experience!! Leo absolutely hated every second and I have never seen him cry so much! She came to the house and had a little set up in the lounge which was lovely, keeping him in his own environment, allowing me to feed and change him in comfort, all that good stuff, but no. He hated every second and it was  distressing  for me to see him in such a state and yet it was me who put him in that position!

The photographer was lovely and even offered to come back again as she wasn’t entirely happy with the photos she’d got. Such a lovely offer but I wasn’t prepared to put him (or me!) through it again so I declined. 

I wasn’t holding out much hope for the photos when they arrived but as you can see they actually turned out really well and I was actually really happy with the outcome! You can’t even tell he was screaming the whole time!! I’ve got about 130 good ones in a mixture of colour and black and white and will treasure them forever, along with the story of how much he hated it! That’ll be one for the 18th birthday!!

Even though I am so glad we’ve got these photos, I took some that are just as good (I think!) and I didn’t enjoy the experience in general so I wouldn’t do it again! 

Did you have a photo shoot? What were your experiences?




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