Three Friday Favourites #1

A few of my favourite things from this week!

1. Beauty and the Beast

My all time favourite Disney film has been given the live action treatment and it does not disappoint! I love Emma Watson but wasn’t sure about her as Belle but it totally works!!! And is it wrong that I have a major crush on Gaston!!??

2. Haagen daas salted caramel ice cream

No explanation needed… don’t judge me!

3. T25

My current exercise routine! I have finally been signed off by the doctor for exercise and am now able to go all out on my workouts! I’m currently working through the T25 programme from Beachbidy and Shaun T – the makers of my all time favourite programme – Insanity! T25 is the same kind of idea but it’s only 25 minutes long so easier for me to fit round the little man and also a nice was to ease back into exercise! Everyone can manage 25minutes a day!

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