My Baby Shower | Mummy Monday

I will start by saying I have some amazing friends and they are so so good to me, I don’t know what I’d do without them! They decided to throw me a baby shower when I was 34 weeks pregnant and it was absolutely perfect!! It was Peter Rabbit themed and we had some games, food and cake! Below are some of the details of the day!

My bestie and chief organiser!

I had nothing to do with the planning, except the food, so when I arrived to see this as the door sign I had high hopes! Everything was themed with this, it was a download from Etsy and came with signs, bunting, food labels, everything you would need for a party and definitely something I will be reusing at a certain little mans first birthday!


The incredible cake! Made by a friend of ours from ‘Art Deco Cakes.’ This was a surprise from my husband and it was so beautiful! Fun story, the letters actually spelled out Leo’s name as the husband told far too many people his name, I didn’t want to tell anyone so when it arrived spelling out his name he panicked and had to deconstruct the blocks! The Rabbit on top is an ornament and we’ve been able to keep it which makes it very special!

Some more of the decorations and some of the presents the little man and I received, we were both very spoiled!

One of the games, the winner won the jar!

Another cute little touch, reading through them after was so funny! Have yet to start using them though as we are still on micro nappies!

The baby food game! One of my favourites! Basically having to guess the flavour and it wasn’t as bad as it looks! The jars are actual baby food, the nappies were melted chocolate bars, still felt very weird eating out of nappies though!

The food! Afternoon tea is always a highlight!

Opening presents with the remnants of play-doh! One of the games was to make a baby out of play-doh, it was like being a child again! So funny!

Some of my favourite ladies!! Love these girls far too much!

We had such a lovely afternoon, a bit different from the Prosecco filled parties or previous years but I wouldn’t have changed a thing! What are your thoughts on baby showers, I know its a personal choice but I wanted to share my baby preparations with my favourites!




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