The Butter Market Bakery – Poundbury | South Coast Saturday 

This week the husband and I decided to take a trip to Poundbury on his day off. Bit random I know! Poundbury is a town near Dorchester that was designed by Prince Charles and is such an interesting and beautiful little place. There’s a lot of building work still going on but I am obsessed with it! It feels like a film set! So we decided to go out for brunch and came across The Butter Market Bakery in the centre on town.

The Butter Market Bakery

The Butter Market is the name of the square in the centre and the building itself is eyecatching and beautifully designed! We arrived around 11.30am and walked in to the most unique and different cafe I’ve ever been in. Seating is communal benches which usually I’m not a fan of but it was really quiet so we had the bench to ourselves. The concept of the cafe is as follows…

The Butter Market Bakery… how it works!

It was bizarre, there was butter and jam in the centre of the table to help yourself to once you’d toasted your bread, there was a whole display of pastries you could help yourself to as well as an egg boiling station! Very quirky but so well done!


The ‘help yourself’ Bakery section… amazing!!

The husband picked a pain au chocolate which was amazing (yes I had a bite… or 2!). It was very fresh, very big and very full of chocolate, just how they should be! The ‘plates’ were blocks of wood and it was so nice! We both ordered a coffee, me a black coffee, him a flat white and sat down to peruse the menu!

Coffee and ‘communal’ sugar bowl

The menu is so interesting, it’s standard breakfast food but with little quirks and I could have had one of everything!

The menu

I settled on the egg stack and the husband opted for the ‘bog standard bacon sandwich.’ And wow… just wow! It was such good, tasty food!

My egg stack was so tasty, the eggy bread was perfectly cooked, the bacon was lovely and crispy and the tomatoes added a lovely fresh layer! It was quite a challenge to eat as it was stacked so high! I would highly recommend it! The husbands bacon sandwich was anything but bog standard! The sourdough bread was toasted and his request of crispy bacon ensured that he declared it the best bacon sandwich he’s ever had – a very bold statement!!

When we’d demolished the food we decided to grab a loaf of sourdough to take home and that hasn’t disappointed either.

Fresh bread for sale

It wasn’t the cheapest brunch, we spent just over £20 but the experience was worth it and the food was amazing so definitely worth it and we will be going back!

I love brunch!!




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