The Fitness Journey! | Workout Wednesday

My fitness journey is something I feel like I’ve been on for ever! We got married in July 2015 and I see my fitness pinnacle as around that time for obvious reasons. I worked so hard to get to where I was on my wedding day; I had a personal trainer every week for 6 months, did 2 or 3 spin classes a week and ran 5k on the other days. I’d just finished the Insanity workouts at home and I loved the feeling of myself getting stronger and more toned. My diet was mainly really good and I really felt like I was making a massive difference in my body shape and how I felt. I really wanted to enjoy being married, enjoy our American honeymoon in September and then enjoy Christmas. 

Feeling my best on my wedding day!

So it’s now nearly 2 years down the line, I’ve had a baby and I’m not feeling like myself. My body has obviously been through some massive changes and I’m about to be signed off from the doctor to be able to exercise again. I thought I’d share my journey back to fitness with you in order to hold myself accountable as well as giving me motivation to make a difference and stick to it! I have about 2st I want to lose to feel back to normal. It sounds a lot and I’m not prepared to share my weight (we don’t know each other that well yet!!) but every week I’ll check in and let you know what I’m doing and the difference it’s making! 

In labour at 37 weeks, at my biggest!

Obviously time is going to be limited and I’ll have to fit it around the husband being home from work and nap times, something which will take some getting used to but in my opinion I need to be fit and healthy in order to look after my baby and myself to my full potential so it’s something I will prioritise and I’ll try and keep you updated on how I juggle it all! 

First workout back with my little audience!

I started the modified version of T25 this week, from the same guy who did Insanity, Shaun T, it’s a 25 minute a day workout and there’s a modifier who does a low impact version which I’ve been following. I’ve also ensured we’ve been for a long walk every day, the weather has been amazing so that’s been quite easy! Follow me on instagram for regualr updates, I’m @healthysouthcoastmum !


Fingers crossed for me…!!




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