Beatrix Potter nursery haul | Mummy Monday

Before we knew that the little man was a boy I already had my heart set on Beatrix Potter as a theme for the nursery. There’s something so sweet, innocent and nostalgic about the books and the stories. Peter Rabbit specifically has had a comeback in recent years and a new children’s tv show and memorabilia becoming available to coincide with the 150 year anniversary of Beatrix Potter.

On doing some research I realised I didn’t want the entire nursery to be themed, but Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter would be strong influences. To that end I was extremely lucky that my friends and family treated me to some beautiful pieces to fit in with what I wanted. My baby shower was themed Peter Rabbit (which I will share at some point!) and I’ve been given pictures, toys and other bits that I thought I’d share with you!


My gorgeous baby shower cake! It was delicious!!

A beautiful quote and beautiful picture to go in the nursery!

As part of the 150 year anniversary the post office released limited edition stamps, this is the full collection which my Dad brought for Leo from the Royal Mail. I love this so much!

This was brought as the cake topper for my baby shower cake and is now a gorgeous memento which I will treasure forever!

A selection of toys and rattles.

Baby on Board! One for the car!

A scrapbook which is will be keeping photos and mementoes of Leo’s first year. This is available from Paperchase.

A themed book to read to my little man before bed.

A beautiful gift of little booties for the little man! Very cute!!

The first thing I brought, the full set of Beatrix Potter books, I got these from the ‘Book People.’ They have some amazing deals!

Even some of the gift bags were themed!

Baby milestone cards that I can use throughout the year to mark special occasions and milestones in my boys first year!

As you can see we were very lucky and have some beautiful pieces to keep forever and some bits for the little man to play with and learn with. I’m sure the collection will only grow the older he gets, or at least it will if I have anything to do with it!

Does your nursery have a theme?




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