Unique baby gifts | Thoughtful Thursday

If, like me, you struggle to buy gifts for people at the best of times, add in a baby and I am doubly clueless! Since having my boy I have been so lucky to receive so many amazing and lovely gifts that I thought I’d share my favourites and the more unusual gifts to hopefully inspire you!

The individualised nappy ‘cake’

Nappy bike by Peanut and Gremlin

Nappy cakes are nothing new and can be purchased from a lot of different retailers, however we were lucky enough to receive this one… made by my very talented friend over at Peanut and Gremlin she put it together in the shape of a motorbike as my husband is a biker! It was such a lovely touch and we absolutely love it! I don’t want to break it apart and use it! I’m sure Etsy would be a great place to contact sellers and ask about different styles of ‘cakes’ to ensure you can theme it to the parents or the baby!

Personalised clock

When one of my best friends gave us this clock it was a very special moment! I am completely in love with it and it is just beautiful. Our nursery is very neutral, even though we knew we were having a boy from 20 weeks, I still gravitated towards the grey,  cream, neutral colours so this will fit into the nursery perfectly! It would of course work for baby boys or girls and a clock isn’t something the parents would think of, or at least we didn’t!

The classic wooden toys

Dog and Mouse from Sarah Bendrix

This ones a bit of a cheat, I didn’t actually receive these but went to a baby shower for a friend where she received them. I then found the company, Sarah Bendrix, and bought these for my friends baby, born a few days after Leo. I am a big advocate for decent, wooden toys. The disposable plastic cheap toys that break are not my thing and I want to bring Leo up with an appreciation for quality. These are perfect! Definitely not the cheapest but a beautiful gift!

The picture for the nursery

The theme for our nursery is losely based on Peter Rabbit / Beatrix Potter and we were lucky enough to receive a lot of beautiful themed gifts. This picture is so lovely and fitting for a babies room and I absolutely love it. I do love a good inspiring quote! This makes me look at Leo and imagine what he’s going to achieve. It’s quite a personal thing to chose pictures so I would say to either know the nursery theme or make sure it’s a really good friend who you know will love it before you buy.

Those are my top picks and some different options from what we received as presents so I hope that inspires you! Other than the above I would recommend muslins (you can literally never have too many!), cotton wool pads (for washing those first few weeks, it’s surprising how many you get through!), a Polaroid camera (I already had one from my 30th birthday, but a great idea to capture some early moments in a unique way).

Did you receive any unique gifts or have you found a company who makes beautiful baby gifts? I’d love to hear!




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