L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick | Product test Tuesday

Last year L’Oreal launched a range of lipsticks with a number of leading ladies. Each lady got a red and a pink colour lipstick fitting to their skin tone, a new nude colour has now been added which I am so excited to try! The ladies include Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Blake Lively and Naomi Watts so each lipstick was designed to fit their different skin tones. Number one, how amazing are all of those women and what an amazing sales technique from L’Oreal! Although my colouring is probably nearer to Blake and Naomi, my favourites were Blake Lively’s red and Eva Longoria’s pink.

Eva’s pink is called delicate rose and it is such a beautiful colour, it’s a deep pink with a purple undertone, the perfect side of girly and is so flattering on! Even though I’m a very pale English rose (or so I like to think!) and Eva is obviously a gorgeous Mexican woman the colour is a universal match and definitely shouldn’t be limited to tanned skin!

The formula is creamy and rich feeling and the colour pay off it amazing. It’s a matte lipstick but I personally think it’s on the glossy side of matte, which I actually prefer, too matte and it shows every crack and dry patch on my lips… gross!

The only criticism I would have is that on its own, it doesn’t have massive longevity. My lips are quite dry at the best of times so they don’t hold colour all that well but I was disappointed by how quickly it faded off. With a lip liner or maybe even a lip primer (Mac do a good one) it may last longer and I will definitely be persevering as the colour is so beautiful!

Blake’s red is the same formulation. Super creamy and a beautiful colour pay off. It often replaces my favourite Rimmel 207 when I reach for the perfect red lip and that’s saying something! I love Blake Lively in general anyway and like to think that she wears this regularly as well!! Wishful thinking?!

What’s your latest lipstick love?




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