The first 4 weeks | Mummy Mondays

Wow… what a shock! We’ve got a baby, he’s 4 weeks old. Where did that time go!! The husband went back to work after 2 weeks so it’s just been me and the little man for a couple of weeks now and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Tired but insanely happy with my little man

These first 4 weeks have been the most intense and overwhelming of my entire life. I have never been happier or felt more scared at the same time. I am incredibly lucky that the little man has been a complete dream and settled into the big wide world extremely well. I’ve been told because he was so early he will still be very sleepy and have a lot of catching up to do these first few weeks and he does sleep a lot which is amazing when he spends the afternoon dozing on me. At the same time I spend every day and night wondering if he’s ok, too hot, too cold, hungry, windy, hurt, in pain… you name it! Every noise and movement he makes I over analyse! I’ve definitely got better recently and have been able to get on with my own bits while he sleeps in his carry cot or crib but I am scared every single day!

Snoozing while Mummy does some chores!

Overall it’s been a very happy and emotional time but one thing I would say is that we overdid it with visitors for the first week or so. It was a lot for me to deal with and late one afternoon I realised I hadn’t held my new baby for the entire day! Couple that with very little sleep and raging hormones and it didn’t make for a happy mama! That’s my top tip, don’t be afraid to put people off coming to meet your newborn. The husband and I have now agreed to limit it to one ‘group’ a day. Not that we’ve got many more people to meet him, think the whole world’s been!!

My newborn… so tiny!

I will go through my birth story at some point but one thing I’ll say now is that the amount of crying you do in the first few days is insane. I am not an emotional person generally but I cried several times a day for the first 4 or 5 days for no particular reason! I was so happy and every time I looked at Leo I cried with happiness and the overwhelming desire to love and protect him from everything! I still feel like that of course but I’m no longer a blubbering mess every 5 minutes!

The honeymoon period of the 2 weeks when your partner has time off is the most precious time you will ever have and it’s a real bonding moment. My husband wasn’t going to take the full 2 weeks as he had heard that Dad is often a spare part as Mother in law will be there and he would end up with nothing to do. That definitely wasn’t the case, of course my Mum wanted to help and be with us as much as possible but she was brilliant and completely respected our time together to bond. The husband loved having the time with us and I took a step back at times to allow him to be with his son. It worked really well for us!

Our first family photo, fresh in the hospital!

Little man is definitely not in a routine yet and will go anything between 2 and 5 hours between feeds at the moment. He has never breastfed so I have been expressing for the past 4 weeks but the quality and quantity of what I can get out has been decreasing so I think my expressing days are over. It’s a sad time but he’s had 4 weeks worth of my milk and he seems more than happy on formula so I can’t beat myself up about it. End of the day I had always planned on combination feeding and it’s worked up until now. As long as he’s happy and fed then does it matter where it comes from!?

The lack of sleep is definitely hard but I am really surprised with how well I’ve adapted and my body just seems to be ok with it! I was always at least a 9 hour a night girl and these days I’m lucky if I get 6 hours broken sleep in 24 hours. I think it’s the ‘broken’ bit that is so hard, having to wake up and function in the middle of the night when your eyes are burning, your head is pounding from tiredness and all you want to do is be snuggled up in bed with your partner! The husband finds it really hard having to go to work and do a full day on top of it. He’s been amazing, letting me sleep when he can and during the day I’m fine and can keep going, it’s the evenings I find the hardest when I crash and burn!

I hope that little insight into my current life is helpful or interesting, I’ll keep you updated as I go!




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