Importance of dating | Thoughtful Thursday

This topic is something I feel strongly about, and now even more so. Whatever situation you’re in, wherever you are in your life it is so important to remember why you fell in love with your partner and make time to be together. I personally don’t feel you should go more than a month without a date night but we used to aim for once a week before baby. It doesn’t have to cost the earth and it doesn’t even have to be out and about. We often cook a lovely dinner, turn the TV off, light some candles and just talk over dinner and glass of wine. It’s too easy to take each other for granted and since we’ve been married it’s been so easy for life to get in the way, we’re not planning a wedding, we’re not pregnant anymore, we’ve got our whole lives ahead of us and we need to make sure we’re on the same page, having that alone time where you switch off from the every day grind is a way of ensuring you are!

A day out at a very cold farm!!

Date night is a way to reconnect and keep the spark alive, it’s a time to just be together and enjoy each other’s company. You fell in love, and in the early days you really made the effort to see each other, to dress up and make an effort and that shouldn’t change when you live together, have children, have other commitments but so often that core relationship is neglected. Don’t let it!! Make the time, put on your favourite dress and lipstick, show the person you’re with that they are still your priority and you should be there’s. Use it as a time to shine!

A day trip to Bourton on the water in the Cotswolds

We’ve discussed finding a hobby that we can do together, to ensure that we spend time together, that gets us out of the house and active. If we can incorporate fitness into date night then why not! The boy had a motorbike accident 3 years ago and as a result can’t run, which we used to do together in the summer. Obviously now we’ve got the little man we’ll have to find something we can either do as a family or have a very understanding babysitter but this is a priority for us!!

Dinner and drinks… out out!

My other favourite date nights are going to the cinema, a walk on the beach or the forest, finding cute places for afternoon tea or driving to a random place and just exploring! Whatever it is, just do it together and live in the moment! Ban mobiles phones, get rid of work stress and focus on you and your relationship for one night.

Fireworks cruise from Poole Quay

What are your favourite date ideas? Do you have a regular date night?




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