Maternity Clothes: My Top Picks! | Mummy Monday

Now I’m no longer in maternity clothes I’m starting to pack them away and thought it would be a great idea to give a quick low down on the pieces I’ve lived in for the past few months. My staple pieces have definitely been from New Look and ASOS  – maternity leggings with jumper dresses or vest tops and shirts. They’ve been such easy combos to throw on and feel comfortable and warm in. Being that I was pregnant over the colder months I was able to get away with wearing quite a few non maternity bits (think big jumpers and shirts) but below is a round up of my most worn maternity clothes, all of which were really affordable!

The LBD – New Look

The ‘famous’ black dress that I literally wore to every occasion for months! It doesn’t look like much but I absolutely love it and felt amazing every time I wore it. It was so easy to dress it up and make it look different every time. New Look was invaluable for my pregnancy wardrobe and this little gem really saw me through!!

The basic black tops  – ASOS

T-shirt and vest top both ASOS

Wearing the vest to a hen do at 36 weeks pregnant!

These 2 tops from ASOS were really useful for days out where I needed to be slightly dressy but not over the top. I liked that they were very flowy and actually hid my pregnancy for a while. The mesh detail at the top on both is really pretty and adds a bit of something special!

The slogan tee – ASOS

ASOS Pregalicious t-shirt


This ASOS top, which I absolutely love, was one of the first things I brought. It is such a comfy t-shirt and I wore it in early pregnancy just to chill out and see family. I brought it a size bigger than I normally am which was perfect as it did come up quite small and I could only really wear it in early pregnancy. Still love it and wish I could still wear it!! 

The dressy dress – ASOS

Pregnancy wedding style

I had a wedding to go to at around 18 weeks pregnant and was panicking over what to wear. I was still quite early but felt massive so brought this dress from ASOS as it was one of the cheapest and I just needed one! I already had the black dress I’ve already mentioned but black to a wedding… not for me! It was so comfy and I felt really good in it! 

The everyday top – New Look

I’m wearing this top now and it is my absolute favourite. Yes I am a week post partum but it is so comfy and warm!! This top is from New Look and was a last minute panic buy. I’d gone in to buy tights and thought yeah, I’ll have it. Best. Purchase. Ever. Literally wore it to death and really don’t want to let it go!!! I’ve never really been one to wear a dark green but I will definitely be looking out for a non maternity version now!

The warmest jumper dress – H&M

Towards the end of my pregnancy I literally lived in leggings and jumper dresses and this was one of my favourites from H&M maternity. It was really warm and perfect for the December / January weather! I actually borrowed this from a friend and am devastated to have to give it back!! Jumper dresses and leggings were my life!

The other jumper dress – Next

Another jumper dress! This ones from Next maternity and is again, super comfy and really easy to wear. I didn’t think I’d like it at first but when it was on it was such a nice fit and really good quality.

As I mentioned above a lot of the other bits I wore weren’t necessarily maternity so these are my top picks! A big focus on comfort and warmth, 2 of the most important things for me during pregnancy and beyond!!




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