Jimmy Choo’s Illicit Fragrance | Product Test Tuesday

I was extremely lucky to win a prize in the feelunique.com Christmas promotion and had completely forgotten about it until it turned up. Being the sceptic I am, when I was told I’d won a Jimmy Choo perfume my first thought were ‘great, a tester sample.’ But no, I was wrong, I received a decent size 40ml bottle!


The packaging is extremely chic and beautiful and reminds me of a 20’s perfume bottle. The box is a gold and white tight geometric pattern that holds the glass bottle within. The textured bottle almost reminds me of a city scape with sky scrapers. The lid and general bottle have a faint gold colour due to the liquid within and will look so nice on my dressing table!

The smell is a bit muskier than I would normally pick but it’s got a big thumbs up from the very fussy husband so that’s a massive positive! The official line says ‘Hints of bright ginger flirt with voluptuous rose and jasmine before revealing a seductive honey-amber accord. Intertwined with a thread of sandalwood to mellow and smooth, Illicit envelopes a wearer in a swathe of sensory pleasure.’ – I mean, wow, what a description. Who wouldn’t want to smell like that! I think I’m a fan of it due to the rose and jasmine scents and the husband likes the honey amber and sandalwood. It’s a light evening scent for me but I can definitely see how it could work for daytime and night-time, it’s extremely versatile and has a whole range of appeal.


I love mixing up my perfumes and having the opportunity to try this one has been great. I would definitely repurchase as a casual evening perfume but I’m definitely a more floral and citrus girl for day to day wear!

It’s £42 for the 40ml bottle, £54 for the 60ml and £78 for the 100ml

What’s your favourite perfume? Have you ever won anything from an online competition?




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