Why I Think He Came Early | Mummy Monday

So, I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I was expecting my little man to make an early appearance, it turns out I was right but there were a couple of reasons I truly believed it. A lot of these are probably old wives tales but I actually believe some of them, hence why I had this feeling. My crazy pregnancy brain works overtime anyway so these were my thoughts…

  1. My Mum gave birth to both me and my brother 6 weeks early

Now, this doesn’t automatically mean I would but my midwife has said it’s a possibility that it will carry through to me and mean I will give birth early as well! We were both fine, my brother was kept on an incubator for a while but neither of us had long term ill effects!


My beautiful Mum (left) pregnant with me!

2. We moved house

This is a weird one but I’ve got a few friends who moved house while pregnant and they all dropped early. I don’t know the reasons or science behind it but in my head the amount of packing, lifting (even though everyone tells you not to!) and running around which inevitably happens during moving must have something to do with it. Maybe it’s the ‘being active’ part!


Our new house!

3. Braxton Hicks

Wow… I had been having a ton of Braxton Hicks the last few weeks and they were intense, I’ve woken up a few times in the middle of the night convinced I’m in labour! Obviously now realising that they are absolutely nothing compared to actual contractions but anyway! I had none until about 34 weeks but I feel like my body was definitely getting ready for the big day!

4. I’ve got 2 close friends who were both due 5 weeks before me

Again, a silly thought in my head but they were both late one had her beautiful baby girl 2 days before me and one who’s still waiting. I always imagined our babies being really close together and so if they were late, I would be early. Sounds stupid writing it down but those are the things that went through my crazy pregnancy brain!

5. I felt like my bump dropped and engaged really early

Since about week 35 his head had been right ‘there!’ My bump visibly dropped, even to the point where the husband noticed and I just felt like he was ready and waiting for a long time! It was uncomfortable and I just feel like he was ready to be in the world!


My 36 week picture… feeling ready to pop!

6. I imagined my boy having a February birthday

I was due on the 23rd February and I just couldn’t imagine having a baby born in March… No rational reasoning behind it at all!! I only just managed to hang on until February!

That’s some of my random thoughts, but nature (and baby!) we’re ultimately in charge! 

Were you early giving birth or late? Did you have any particular feelings one way or the other?




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