My wedding story part 2 – The Proposal | Thoughtful Thursday

So here we are at part two of my story! Our engagement, one of the most magical experiences of my life in one of my favourite places, Paris!

We’ve been on a few holidays together and decided in September 2014 to go on a city break to Paris. I am obsessed with Paris but had only been on a school exchange trip years and years ago and didn’t really have any memories of it. Knowing we would be there for 5 days I planned the trip to within an inch of its life and had a full on itinerary ready with everything jammed into the schedule to make the most of every day. 

When I go away I like to see a place properly, I’m not one for a relaxing holiday!! The boy knowing this, had pretended not to be even slightly interested and agreed to go along with whatever I had planned, he’s good at humouring me! I’ve since found out that there were several plans and options for the proposal but none of them actually worked. Number 1 was going to be on the train platform before we left but we were running a bit late for the train so that didn’t happen, then he changed to doing on the train but realised it would be cringe sitting with a carriage of random people for 3 hours having just got engaged in front of them! I’m so glad neither of those plans happened!


Our engraved love lock


The Love Lock Bridge

We’d booked an airbnb apartment right by the Opera and it was a perfect and stunning location. On the first night he pulls out a black jewellery box and proceeded to tell me it wasn’t what I thought it was when he saw my face! I’d planned for us to go and see the love lock bridge the next day and on opening the box he’d had a padlock inscribed with our initials and the date! He had been taking in all my planning and had planned it as a surprise, so cute! This was going to be proposal attempt number 2 but when we got there it wasn’t the romantic location he’d expected so again, the plan was delayed! It’s still a lovely place but it’s quite touristy and people are trying to sell you locks and roses and things, not what he had imagined.

Outside the Louvre

We started our first full day in the Louvre with the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo among everything else before moving on to the Champs Eleysee and Arc de Triomphe. Proposal attempt number 3 was the top of the Arc de Triomphe (which I would highly recommend as one of the best views of Paris in the whole city!). He’s not one for heights and it was quite busy up there so we spent a while walking round and he was getting a bit tetchy so I suggested going back down, his response was that he wasn’t ready to go but if we had too… What? Talk about Mr grumpy, or so I thought! Anyway, all these grand plans weren’t working out so as we were walking back down the Champs Elysee we were so tired and our feet were hurting, we popped into Laduree, the famous patisserie in Paris and I picked a selection of macaroons. A bit further down, just before the Jardine de Tuleriees there was a really quiet little garden so we sat on a bench to rest and eat macaroons. He got up and went to ‘get a bottle of water’ from a stall on the main road, meanwhile I was taking photos of my macaroons looking all yummy and delicious (see below the actual photo I took!).

My macaroon picture, just before he got down on one knee!

He came back and said, shall we go, I stood up to move on when I turned around he was down on one knee holding a box with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. Shocked doesn’t even cover it, he didn’t actually get the words out fully because he was crying and I was a mess of crying and laughing and bursting with happiness! Of course I said yes and it was the best moment of my entire life. I WAS GETTING MARRIED!!!


My perfect ring!

Walking back we forgot about our aching feet and literally felt like we were floating. That walk back to our apartment (via a wine shop for a bottle of champagne) is still a surreal dream and I have never felt like that ever before. My first stop was to tell my Mum but I wanted to send a picture of my ring and the stupid signal was so bad I ended up emailing her! Adie phoned his parents as well but both sets of our parents knew what he was planning so it wasn’t a complete surprise. It made my first ‘grown up’ trip to Paris the best experience of my life, I went as a girlfriend and came back a fiancée!!


Our first ‘engaged’ photo! Notice the lack of make up from the crying (and terrible quality from shaking!!)

Part three of ‘The Wedding Story’ coming soon!

What’s your engagement story? I’d love to hear it!




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