Pregnancy – Things they don’t tell you | Mummy Monday

Getting pregnant is the fun bit, being pregnant… not so much. I will hold my hands up and fully admit that I have had a very easy and straight forward pregnancy, I’ve had no sickness, no swelling (yet!), no insomnia (again, yet!) but there’s things that you just don’t expect, or at least I didn’t!


7 weeks pregnant, keeping the secret but feeling and looking awful

Life is uncomfortable!

Now, this may seem like an obvious one but I genuinely didn’t realise how uncomfortable being pregnant is! As I said before, I’ve had it super easy but wow, everything just hurts! Not in a dramatic way, just a little niggle here and there. My stomach aches with growing pains, my feet hurt so much quicker than normal, my shoulders feel under a lot of pressure, it’s just non-stop! Obviously my body is going through dramatic changes and weight gain is just one of them!


8 weeks pregnant, eating allllll the carbs with the husband at the beach to try and make myself feel better!

You feel hungover… for weeks on end!

Morning sickness luckily didn’t affect me to the extent where I was physically sick but that first trimester is horrible! I genuinely woke up every single morning for about 6 weeks feeling like I had the worst hangover ever and this didn’t ease throughout the day. And the fact that you can’t tell anyone for the first 12 weeks makes it so much harder, you look rough, you feel rough, smells make you want to gag but you have to power through as if everything’s normal. And to be honest, that’s what got me through, if you wallow in it, much like a hangover, you feel so much worse, if you get on with it, embrace the reason why you feel like that the weeks will pass and you’ll come out the other end feeling great!

Everyone knows more than you, especially on social media

And yes, I’m sure some people have some great advice. I stupidly joined a couple of facebook groups thinking I’d get all kinds of useful ideas and tips and make friends with mums in the same position as me. I was wrong! These groups are full of ‘experts’ who can guess the gender of your baby with this theory or that. They are full of power hungry admins who will kick you out if you don’t post for x number of weeks… yes, really. My advice is that you know your own mind and if you are happy to be part of these groups and find them useful then great, sign up and get interacting, but don’t take it to heart if your views on exercising while pregnant, the latest car seat or pregnancy acne aren’t taken seriously and you’re cast out!

Feeling human but overly stretched at 32 weeks!

40 weeks goes super quickly

I always expected when I got pregnant that I would have all the time in the world to enjoy my bump and my new body for a full 40 weeks of glowy pregnancy… technically this is true and I am, but wow, it doesn’t feel like a week has gone past since we found out I was expecting! It has all happened so fast and here I am, currently 36 weeks pregnant, due to give birth in 4 weeks! 4 WEEKS!! It can’t be real yet, I feel so unprepared even though I also feel like we’ve done nothing but prepare for baby since the start! Get ready, 40 weeks is about to feel like the shortest period of your life!

What are some of the things you weren’t expecting when you got pregnant?




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