bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm review | Product Test Tuesday

I will admit right now that this lipstick will always have a special place in my heart , it’s the one I wore at my wedding and I am absolutely in love with it!


bareMinerals Pop of Passion in Nude Passion

I tried quite a few options before I got married, I did my own makeup so wanted to make sure I was 100% happy that whatever I had chosen and it was going to last the whole day. It had to look good for a long day which included eating, drinking and of course some kissing!


Top of my requirement list was comfort and not being paranoid about it smudging everywhere, I also wanted a natural finish with a natural colour…. not too much to ask for and the old saying of ‘your lips but better’ definitely applied here!


I actually found it on a shopping trip with my bridesmaid in London. The lovely ladies on the counter applied it for me in the colour Nude Passion and we went on our way to continue shopping. I think I knew as soon as they’d put it on me that it was perfect. The colour, the texture, everything about it ticked all of my boxes. I’ve got very small lips so I’ve never been that keen on lipstick as I feel it either highlights my lack of lips or smudges everywhere at the first opportunity. I also get very dry lips and I hate that look of cracked lips with lipstick smothered on to try and hide it.

The official description (from the bareMinerals website!) describe it as a “decadent, oil-rich lip oil-balm hydrates, nourishes and delivers luscious colour that looks as good as it feels.” Sounds pretty good right?! Well I agree 100% with that description.


The colour lasted throughout the day and night, I did reapply several times but probably more out of nerves than necessity! I didn’t get any on my teeth or smudged across my face and the colour was so perfect for my colouring it didn’t look fake or cakey once! If you’re looking for a lipstick to see you through day to day wear and to make your natural lip colour pop then I would highly recommend this little gem!!

Are you married? What lipstick did you wear at your wedding, or what would you wear?

The lipstick can be purchased here:,en_GB,pd.html


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