Bentley Bunny | Thoughtful Thursday

You all know I got married 18 months ago to the best husband ever but I thought I’d share another piece of my life today… my boy Bentley. Yes, we have a house rabbit and yes, I realise how weird that might sound, we quite often sit and look at him cleaning his furry face and think, what are we doing, there’s a rabbit in our lounge!!! The boy met him about 3 years ago when some friends of ours had brought him (from Gumtree) and it turned out they were allergic to his hay and were trying to get rid of him. They had him for 5 days when the husband went round, met him, fell in love and brought him home with his cage, food and everything he needed for £20.

My handsome fur baby!

Since we’ve had him we’ve fallen completely and absolutely in love with him and couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He’s coming up to 4 years old and is the most gorgeous and beautiful rabbit ever (but I am biased!). He’s got his own little personality and will make it known what he wants! He will be affectionate… if he wants it, he will come for cuddles… if he wants one, he will nibble you if he wants feeding and he will become a bit grumpy when he wants to go to bed and the TV is too loud! He is the best stress relief, if you’ve ever seen a rabbit wash his face with his front paws and pull down his ears to give them a good clean you’ll know what I mean. Also, have you ever seen a little rabbit yawn… wow, cute doesn’t even begin to describe it!!

Too cute!

We had him spayed fairly early on as he was getting a bit randy and since then we’ve had no issues with his behaviour. We keep him in his cage during the day when we’re at work and when we’re in bed. He has a good run out first thing in the morning and when we get home until when we go to bed. He is fully litter trained and will wait until he can go to his litter tray before doing his business so the house doesn’t ever smell as his tray gets cleaned out every night. He really liked chewing the carpet when we first got him but a few carpet tiles strategically placed soon stopped that and he now only does it if he’s left on his own for too long. He also went through a stage of eating the sofa cushions and curtains in our old flat but luckily now we’re in the house with brand new furniture he’s grown out of that. Our lounge just had a shabby chic look to it for a while!


Bentley bunny

I’m excited to introduce our new little person to him when he arrives and have high hopes that they will be fine together. I don’t think Bentley will take much notice to be honest!

Do you have any pets? What do they do to make you laugh?




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