My wedding story part 1… How we met | Thoughtful Thursday

I’m aware that I will probably talk about my wedding and husband a lot, I am a semi – newlywed after all but I thought I would limit my mentions to ‘The Wedding Story’ series so you can get to know me and my little family a bit more! Today I’ll start with a bit of our history!

In our happy place… Paris!

I met the boy in June 2011, technically we started talking online first (who doesn’t these days!), but it turned out we had several mutual friends and it was one of my best friends, and an ex colleague of his, birthdays the same weekend we started talking and we were both going out for her birthday, small world hey! So we met on a night out in Bar So in Bournemouth. Unfortunately he had had several drinks by the time I saw him and his attempt at buying me a drink led to his card being declined 3 times before it finally went through! Classy! After that and a bit of a cheeky kiss I decided that I wasn’t actually that interested and left it at that. 

A very cold date day!!!

Apparently he was so embarrassed by his actions that he wasn’t going to leave it without a proper date so after a month of chasing I finally gave in and we went out for dinner to Urban Reef in Boscombe which was really nice but again, I wasn’t overly fussed with him and meeting me without my usual night out makeup and hair extensions, he wasn’t that fussed on me either! But then the magical words came out of his mouth… did I want to go and see the last Harry Potter film that had just come out at the cinema… how could I have said no, I am a massive Harry Potter fan and yes, I did want to see the film so I agreed… and that was that, we’ve not been apart ever since! 

Our official anniversary is 21st July 2011 so by now we’ve been together 5 1/2 years and are about to start our biggest adventure yet; becoming parents!

A day out in the Cotswolds… just because!

He treats me like a princess and I am a very lucky girl, he remembers everything I say I like and acts on it months later when I’m no longer thinking about it and it’s a massive surprise! And he’s so good at knowing exactly what I want before I know. Yes, I will admit now, I’m one of those mega annoying girls who can never make a decision but if the wrong decision is made I will make my feelings clear!! And he just knows how to deal with me and me him I hope! We just get each other so perfectly and we’re sickening sometimes! Sorry!!

I am so excited to see what kind of father he’s going to be and start our next chapter.



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