We’ve moved house!

Apologies about the radio silence but we’ve moved house! It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally moved in! The place is still chaos and we’ve got so much to get but it’s our home and we’re so happy! And we’ve finally got our WiFi sorted!!!!

It’s a new build property so luckily we’ve got no decorating to do but we’ve gone from a 2 bed ground floor flat to a 3 story 3 bedroom townhouse so as you can imagine we need some new furniture! We actually brought it back in February off plan so have been waiting for a long time!

Moving house while also entering my third trimester of pregnancy has been hard but my husband has been incredible and has allowed me to do as much as I can while taking on the majority of the hard work. Neither of us took any time off work for the move so it’s been quite full on! My top tip, and one I was told time and time again, is to make sure the first thing you do is get your bed sorted and this was what we did. We were so glad we had somewhere to collapse into at the end of the day and it gave me somewhere comfy and safe to retreat to when my feet and back couldn’t take anymore stairs!


The kitchen… before!!


The kitchen… during!!

I’ve shared these images on instagram (@healthysouthcoastmum) and as we get other rooms sorted I will share more so make sure you’re following me! I know I’m desperate to get the nursery in order ready for our new arrival! Wardrobes and changing table are arriving this week so I’ll have more to share soon!


The 2nd bedroom transformation!

Are we crazy moving this close to Christmas and with a baby on the way… probably!




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